High Volume Nitrogen Evaporator

Mini Nitrogen Evaporator

High Volume Evaporator AT-EV-08

Used in Bio analytical Labs – the features and specifications are as follows:

Max No Of Sample: 08
Sample Volume: 50ml to 250 ml
Number of Stations: 2
Max Bath temperature: 99 DC
Evaporation medium: Nitrogen
Time setting: 1 min to 10 hrs
Fume Extraction: Inbuilt vented out

Other Details:

Control: Microprocessor
Temp & Time Display: LCD Digital Display
Tank Material: SS 314
Supplied With: Manual/IQ/OQ/PQ Doc
Rating: 230 Volts 600W

Athena Special Features :

Compact Size Table top Model.

 The gap between tank & Body well insulated with imported Glass wool Sheet.

 Water Jet Cutting & CNC fabrication.

 Best Quality powder coated.

 Digital Display.

 Specially Designed Silicon self Adhesive Heater fitted at the bottom side of the water tank .

 Auto Cut off Sensor for process Timer , Heating & gas.

 Pneumatic Fitting Janatics & Parker Make are using .

 Pressure Gauge Wika Make.

 Side Handles for easy to carry.

 Water tank ,Test tube Rack & Nozzle Manifold Make SS 316

 Well efficient & adjustable ventilation.

 Gas Path Transparent Non Breakable Tubing.

 CE Certified

Other Name : Turbovap II, Turbovap LV, Multivap, Speedovap, Bio-Evap, Nitrogen Evaporator, Solvent Evaporator

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